IMT Interview

Preparing For Your IMT Interview? Consider These Tips

Whatever the specialty you wish to pursue as a medical doctor, one of the first things you need to accomplish in your medical career is to get in the IMT training, preferably one that is suited to your desired field and specialty. And for this purpose, thousands of applicants try to pass the interview to be considered into the program of their choice. Unfortunately, not many make the cut due to lack of preparation or awareness of the crucial things they need to consider for this task.

If you’re in need of special guidance when taking the IMT interview, below are some useful tips to consider increasing your chances of getting accepted into the IMT training program of your choice.

Keep a good portfolio

Though often overlooked and under-appreciated by applicants, most interviews beyond medical foundation applications will require you to bring a portfolio of your achievements to the interview. Also, it is important to research the required contents and specifications for your portfolio depending on the medical specialty you prefer.

It’s important that you prepare your portfolio as early as you can. As you write a list of your achievements, you will inevitably come across accomplishments for which you have no physical proof. Allowing yourself time to obtain/find certificates will save a lot of stress before the interview. Interviewers may look at your portfolio before the interview, but you will also often have your folder in front of you in a portfolio station of the interview. As a result, keeping an organized portfolio and being able to flick quickly to the relevant page presents a good image to the interviewer.

Many interviews also have a significant portion of marks available for how organised and aesthetic your portfolio is. Keeping it succinct and intuitively laid out, therefore, scores you points both directly and indirectly. Asking help from a professional to review your portfolio before the actual interview is worth investing on as this would further improve it.

Standard questions

Prepare for questions that interviewers would ask you to get a good grasp of your personality, desires, motivations, and compatibility to working in the field of medicine. They will ask you to tell about yourself, why you are suited to medicine, what work experience you have done etc.

You should know every detail of your personal statement, and be able to talk in detail about any area that you are asked about. The key skill with answering your questions is learning to highlight your strengths. All the experiences mentioned in your statement should also be in the forefront of your mind. This includes the patients you have met as well as the things you have learnt on your work experience. Read each question, and answer the question yourself, before you practice with someone else, and well in advance of your interview.

Excellent background knowledge

Training for your IMT interview goes beyond simply digging into books since part of the preparation will require you to evaluate yourself more as an individual over anything else. This includes knowing yourself; your strengths & weaknesses; your attributes and your achievements inside out. As well as learning about Medicine, healthcare; news topics; ethics; learning about studying Medicine and about different medical schools.

Moreover, it would be of great help if you continue learning more about the medicine interview process and specific interview strategies and techniques. For this purpose, you can get a training course prior to the interview as this would greatly help you pass it.

What can you expect during the IMT interview?

A red flag you need to avoid at all cost is arriving late for your interview. The IMT website recommends arriving at least 30 minutes before your booked slot. When you get there, you will be asked to submit your portfolio, and someone will check your identity. You will need to bring your passport with you, as well as a photocopy of the following pages of your passport:

• outer cover

• inside front cover

• photo and signature page (if your passport have the photo and signature on different pages, these are both needed)

• any additional pages of relevance within the passport (such as giving information on immigration status)

You’ll also need to show proof of GMC registration if you have obtained it by the time of the interview. You can get it by downloading the certificate from your GMC online account. You do not need GMC registration to apply for IMT, but you must have it by the time the training post starts.

These are just some of the tips you can consider when preparing for your IMT interview. Now that you have a better idea of what you can expect on your training interview, you can now decide how to prepare for this important step in your medical career. Whether you need to gather the required documents, sign up for training courses, or spend more time building your portfolio, the pointers mentioned in this guide will help you remain on top of the things you need to accomplish to increase your chances of getting accepted into the IMT training program of your choice. Good luck!

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